Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Final Goodbye To The Olympics


I would say the biggest blogging trend currently would be tumblr. Its a medium where anyone can blog and no original content is required to be successful and can therefore be more appealing to the masses. Tumblr for most people is "re-blogging" vintage looking photos taken by hipsters who now probably regret ever editing that photo because now of course its too "mainstream". And now that everyone can reblog these photos the next logical step is making a device available for the masses to take their own vintage photos a la instagram.

I've got to say I am a fan of the effects that instagram makes but I wasn't too convinced for a blog. I mean who wants their food to look old?! But after baking these toffee and olympic inspired cupcakes, when my friend took these photos on her iphone I postponed taking my own photos with my dslr and then when she posted them on facebook I decided against it all together. I thought the effect seemed perfect for saying goodbye to the Olympics (which are now in the past)!

See ya in Sochi!

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