Thursday, 1 August 2013

Royal Baby Sugar Cookies

On July 22, HRH Prince George of Cambridge was born. Upon hearing that the Duchess was in labour all I could think was 'this event needs cookies!'. My goal was finish these cookies in time with the announcement of the name because I knew I couldn't have them done by the time he was going to be born. This would of course be the perfect moment for me to make a mental note and remind myself that my baking goals are always, always set too high. Naturally, yesterday was the day I found time to make a trip to my favourite baking and kitchen store and pick up the cookie cutters I needed (also a 100 pack of Ateco disposable piping bags which was both a deal and necessary since the local Bulk Barn closed down where one could buy individual piping bags and not get ripped off by Wilton).

For instructions on decorating with royal icing see my post here. For the crowns I used Crystal Colors powder food colouring in Antique Gold and mixed it with vodka (any alcohol base will do).

As you can see with my pastel coloured union flag, my piping tends to get messy when I finish my line and I get a raised area where the icing clumps together. Does anyone have any tips on how to make this smoother and avoid this?

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