Wednesday, 26 October 2011

DIY Cake Stands...Kinda

So when I found this tutorial that had been posted by on craftgawker I was really inspired to make my own dessert stand. The steps were incredibly simple. All it is is a plate and glass glued together with a silicone sealant and spray painted.

I originally had all the supplies ready to make two stands for around $20. This was on the weekend and we had a quick painting session in the park which all in all made a successful day one for the project.

However today when applying the last coat of paint, as the paint dried it began to crack and completely ruined the small stand leaving me with only my tall stand (and even that was sprayed on the sides and is cracking). Fingers crossed this should be fine for pictures (as long as a don't show any of the lower half stand) but I was really disappointed in the outcome.

So all I've really taken from this project is...Christmas List: white cake stand.

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