Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bunting Birthday Cake

After the disappointment that was the frozen yogurt last month (and I spent ALL day stirring it!) I felt that I needed to do something simple. So simple that absolutely nothing could go wrong. And guess what! Nothing went wrong.

Last week I made red velvet cupcakes for a friends birthday which can be found here. However because I was so busy with training for work I didn't have a ton of time to invest in them so I baked the cupcakes a few days before and on the day of I iced them with CK Products' Buttercream Icing. After the cupcakes, there was enough leftover for a cake so I saved it in the fridge for this weekend.

The cake was a chocolate genoise sponge cake which was relatively easy to make but did not produce a lot of cake. To raise the height I layered it with fresh Ontario strawberries (my favourite time of the year is when strawberries are in season here). I skipped the crumb coat and opted for a slightly messy/textured icing appearance similar to some of the cakes made by the Sweet and Saucy Shop, which has one of the best blogs for inspiring cakes. Finally I finished the cake with a free bunting printable I found online.

What surprised me most was that everyone loved it! They thought it looked great and tasted even better (despite its simplicity).

For any birthdays that spring up quickly or if you are just super busy I totally recommend skimping on the decorating and using bunting. Plus Pinterest is totally helping arts and crafts make a comeback. The cake doesn't require any specialized skills but looks like a lot of effort was put into creating it.

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  1. Wonderful. I love simplicity too. I'm not a crafty person so I can really use some help and get inspiration here. :)